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Writing Fight Scenes


In Rayne Halls eBook, How to Write Fight Scenes, she gives you a template to write your fight scenes.

For example, Rayne details several stages of how to set up your fight scene, including different elements for the location, and she goes on to describe how you can raise the stakes and keep your reader in suspense. Finally, she shows you how to move your fight scene into action with a thrilling climax.

I found this so useful when writing my own fight scenes for my latest novel that I go to Rayne’s fight scene template and use it, along with other valuable notes.

For example, I wanted to have my character fighting in self-defence, so I added that to my ‘action’ section. I set up my fight scenes to include all Rayne’s notes on location and how to ensure a fight scene takes place in a unique place.

The book covers every possible aspect of a fight scene, from weapons to settings to things you couldn’t have even imagined would go into a fight scene. This excellent must-read eBook will ensure your fight scenes leap off the page!

Now, whenever I am writing a fight scene, I use Rayne's  fight scenes as a blueprint. I did this for my entire historical thriller series, The Torcal Trilogy. You may want to see how I did it in my historical thriller, Elixa.

In fact, if you combine Rayne's template for fight scenes with her advice and examples from Writing Vivid Settings, along with the blueprint from Scene and Sequel, you will have a master template for writing your whole novel.


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