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Breathing Life Into Your Characters

No matter the genre, your characters must be realistic and credible in order for your fiction to work. We know that for a hard-core fact. In this series of building believable characters we are determined to arm you with the knowledge and characteristics of human nature.

Rachel Ballon [Phd] helps us with her book, Breathing Life Into Your Characters by giving you human nature but going further and detailing mental health issues and gives you the ability to describe thoughts and feelings based on their backgrounds and psychological abnormalities  - about which you more than likely know nothing.

For example how can you describe the feelings of a drug addict if you have never been one? How can you describe being in prison if you have never been to jail? Let’s face it with the internet today, you can do a huge amount of believable research but you still have to convincingly portray characters even if you have never lived in their skin.

Rachel to the rescue!

In Breathing Life Into Your Characters, this professional psychotherapist shows you how to get in touch with thoughts and feelings necessary to truly understand your fictional people.  Read the full review of how to build believable characters.

Paula Wynne is the founder of Book Luver.

Paula's Writers' Resource Series features the following books: Pimp My Fiction: How to Write a Novel with The Ultimate List of Creative Writing Books to Create A Plot & Build Character; A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks: A~ Z of Behaviours, Foibles, Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks for Writers’ to Create Fictional and 101 Writers’ Scene Settings: Unique Location Ideas & Sensory Details for Writers’ to Create Vivid Scene.

Find out more about the Writers' Resource Series here. If you would like to find out how to write a bestselling novel, download a free copy of Paula's Pimp My Fiction.

Follow Paula on Amazon's Author Central to find out when she publishes more books. Or you can follow Paula on Twitter and Facebook.

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