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45 Master Characters


45 Master Characters By Victoria Lynn Schmidt is one of the best books on creating characters. It is my go-to writers resource when I start planning and plotting a new novel.

Using Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s archetypes will help you make sense of your characters and their world. It certainly will help you to address, explore and deal with current situations coming out of your plot.

When you have finished going through all the types of possible characters, why not use one or more of them as a blueprint for creating your next fictional character?

I did this for one of my characters in my novel, and so far my beta readers have commented on this particular character as the character they most enjoyed reading about, who they immediately started worrying about and how they quickly found empathy with her. Who is she?

In all my novels, I rely on 45 Master Characters as my blueprint for creating characters.

Find 45 Master Characters By Victoria Lynn Schmidt on Amazon.

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