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Writing a Psychopathic Character


What do writers need to know when they start Writing a Psychopathic Character?

The Writer's Cookbook say that a recent study suggests that 1-4% of the population is on the psychopathic scale. This means that we’ll probably all meet at least one psychopath in our lives. Oooh, for thriller writers that can be exciting.

Are you going to write a Psychopathic Character?

The instant reaction would be to make them a serial killer, pushing your police officer protagonist to the limit. But there’s so much more you could do. What about a tortured lover who can’t form the emotional connection your protagonist desires? Or a controlling boss? There are endless possibilities.

Before you embark on creating a psychopathic character, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms. So, to make it easier on thriller writers (or any other genre for that matter), The Writer's Cookbook have listed 8 important character traits that will help you to create a fictional Psychopathic Character.

Study them on this article to be sure you have all the warped traits a Psychopathic Character needs to fulfil your story.

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