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Write Villains Readers Love to Hate


All writers want to write memorable and believable villains that readers love to hate. But how do you create a remarkable villain with depth and believability?

Although a villain is the opposing force to the hero or heroine in fiction, they are equally important when creating fictional characters. Their motivations and backstory and charcter arc is vital to ensuring you do actually create a villain the reader will love to hate rather than hating the story itself.

But villain and villainess archetypes are easy to explain, but sometimes harder to spot in literature. Pen & Parent (Melissa and Amber) team up to help writers who are parents follow their passion while navigating the wilds of parenthood.

In this article on how to write villains readers love to hate, the give writers a list of villains from popular fiction so you can identity with them. Then, they help writers to create villains that reades will love to hate with With 7 important points Pen & Parent

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