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Uniting Story Structure and Character Arc


Michael Hauge goes one step further by saying the best heroes must achieve two compelling goals: an outer journey of accomplishment; and a deeper, inner journey of transformation and fulfillment. Again, a Google search will show you how Michael presents his unique approach to mastering these two essential components of your story.

Your task as a fiction writer is to create a dramatic and interesting conflict that operates in the outside world, but also draws from a deep vein within your protagonist, possibly based on their greatest fear.
~ Jessica Page Morrell

If you’re stuck for time and you want to jump ahead, you can download Michael’s inner and outer journey diagram, along with his explanation to the six stages to a well-structured story on our Freebies page.

When you go to this link you will get the following documents in Word that you can use to create your story structure:
1.    Michael Hauge’s inner and outer journey diagram
2.    His explanation to the six stages to a well-structured story
3.    A basic outline of Nigel Watt’s eight-point story arc
4.    My infographic on writing a thriller
5.    A surprise – coming up soon …

Take a look at some excellent writing books that will teach you more about plotting your story with a good, solid structure. Find more on Story Structures.

Grab your copy free copy of Pimp My Fiction here.

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