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Structure Your Novel


Plotting and structuring a novel is like driving a car without driving lessons. Or like building a skyscraper on a shed’s foundations.

Some writers go the route of a ‘pants’ author, and fly along by the seat of their pants with no plans or structure. Others take their time to craft out their story using one of the story structure concepts, and only then do they start writing.

Which are you? I was a ‘pants’ writer, but after reading so many exceptional books on the craft of writing, I have become a plotter.
Building a Solid Story Foundation
In her book, Writing a Killer Thriller (see this excellent book listed in the chapter on writing thrillers), Jodie Renner goes through various structural formats that you can use to create your story structure with its plot points. Jodie says that it’s vital that as the author of your story, you need to underpin your plot to ensure reader satisfaction.

I have a list of books coming up that you can read to learn more about structuring your novel, but here are a few other methods you can investigate in the meantime. Find them at Story Structures.

Grab your copy free copy of Pimp My Fiction here.

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