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Secrets To Creating A Dynamic Character Arc


During this Writing Workshop, Secrets To Creating A Dynamic Character Arc, you will learn that the secret to a successful story is NOT the plot. It's the character in your plot. The story is the character. The story is the character's growth and transformation, which is their character arc. The plot is there to force the character to grow.

Bankable actors fall in love with characters, they commit to the story and to making the film because they love the character and how the character grows. As do agents, who love the characters so much they sell the story to the highest bidding publisher. Readers and film going audiences also fall in love with unforgettable characters.

So how the heck do you create such a masterpiece?

The Secrets To Creating A Dynamic Character Arc Writing Workshop will reveal the big secret!

The online workshop will be presented by Glenn M. Benest, award-winning screenwriter and one of Los Angeles’ most popular instructors of screenwriting workshops. Benest particularly believes that great stories come from great characters. And that plots are there to serve the characters! Find out why and how.

Glenn M. Benest will teach you the secrets to create unforgettable characters with a dynamic character arc so that readers, agents, publishers, film production companies and high-profile actors will fall in love with your characters!

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