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Psychological Thrillers That Will Mess With Your Head


Reedsy, the excellent site for writers, had this list of 23 Psychological Thrillers That Will Mess With Your Head and I had to log it somewhere so I could remember to come back and read every Psychological Thriller on this list.

Mostly this is a reminder to me as a new Psychological Thriller writer (I currently write Historical Thrillers) but it may also help other writers in this psycho genre.

Reedsy says: Be it a backwoods murder mystery, a gothic period piece, or a prestigious drama that just happens to be about an arsonist, these are the best psychological thrillers that dive into the brain of the bad guy…and make you question your own brain along the way.

Read the full article of Psychological Thrillers That Will Mess With Your Head.

Now all I have to do is learn how to do the same thing and mess with my readers' heads!

See more on writing a Psychological Thriller.

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