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Mind-Blogging Story Structure


This image looks like a child has scribbled all over their parent's story structure, but it's not. It is in fact the 6 emotional story arcs that dominate fiction.

This image captures the six emotional arcs presented by researchers at the computational story laboratory. These arcs are nothing new for most writers, but it can be handy to just take a look every now and then as a reminder of the what seems to work best. In reality, you only have to remember three of the arcs because the other three are just the inverse of those first three.

I often forget where I've seen different posts on writing. I found this one with lots of images on Mind-Blogging Story Structure and wanted to keep it as a reminder for myself and a share with other writers that story structure doesn't need to be mind-boggling.

Find the full details here:

Here's lots more diagrams and graphics on story structure.

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