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Breaking Down Story Structure


I have always used and preferred Michael Hauge's story structure, simply because it comes naturally to me while writing. However, after doing some research for my last novel, I was reacquainted with Chris Vogler - having read his Hero's Journey early in my writing career. At that time I thought his Story Structure for writers was too long-winded, but suddenly it all seemed to fall into place.

That possibly happened due to the passage of time and more experience in writing. The lesson for writers here is to be always questioning and thus always learning about the art of the creative writing process.

So back to reality and questioning story structure. I googled story structure models and found a buffet of images comparing everything from Michael Hauge's process to Vogler, Watts and Field.

On the various formulas for story structure, The Script Angel put it aptly: There are many ways to Skin The Cat. They used this diagram by JT Velikovsky (creator of StoryAlity) which breaks down the terminology and templates used by different schools of thought on screenplay structure.

Read The Script Angel's post to see what Xandria Horton has learned about story structure.

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