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OneNote For Writers

Microsoft’s OneNote Software is not only for writers, but it's a huge help for keeping all your writing notes, character development and plot ideas in one place.

Writers can use Microsoft’s OneNote for keeping all your research and notes on a new novel together. It gives you a Word-type format where you can add sections which show up as 'tabs' and inside each section you can add more pages.
So, for example, you could have one Notebook for your fantasy novel and then different tabs/sections for things like 'research,' 'characters,' 'plot' etc.  And under each of these tabs you can add different pages; for example, under your 'research' tab, you can have different pages for different areas of research so it is all kept in one place but sectioned off so you can find things much easier.

You can also drop in a link to a document, add images, screen-shots and to do lists - I am BIG on to do lists!

I'm a bit weird really; I even add things to my list that I have already done, but that weren’t there in the first place - JUST for the satisfaction of crossing them off again. Sad, hey? If you have this weird tendency, do drop me a line so I know there is someone else like me out there. (Smiley face).

Just search for 'OneNote' and you'll find out how useful OneNote will be to you.

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OneNote For Writers
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