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Book Marketing For Authors and Writers


If you need to learn more about marketing and promoting your books and building a Writers Platform from which to promote your writing and books, this workshop, Book Marketing For Authors and Writers, is the one for you.

This Book Marketing Workshop is set up in a chronological order for you to know what you should be doing before, during and after you launch your books to connect with readers. It's divided into three sections, and in each there are heading topics and numbered lists.

Promoting and marketing your book can be terrifying for authors and writers who are not web-savvy or who don't have a marketing and promotion background.

Whether you aim to be traditionally published through a literary agent (check out this fabulous range of literary agents judging 2021 Page Turner Awards) or if you're going to self-publish your writing, you need to build a platform to connect to readers.

Some people in the publishing industry call this a 'writer's platform' which is akin to a stage where you as a writer and author will share news about your book. Some call it a 'readers platform' where you do the same thing. Either way, all writers and authors need to have a 'place' to shout about their books. And learning how to build such a promotion and marketing stage can be mind-boggling.

More details and booking!

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Book Marketing For Authors

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